The Power of DeFi Finance in your hands

After more than 18 months of success with our first product, the BHF, we are launching the private sale of the WBHF token, a DeFi token with all the support of the Blue Hill Mining project, but with all the usability of Powermine Evolution

¿What is Powermine Evolution?

We are a human team interested in crypto-assets, which distributes the latest generation of technological products based on blockchain technology, through a strategy of direct and indirect recommendation.

The reason for our interest in cryptoassets is because we are aware of the opportunities that are generated in the 21st century through new technologies, as well as being aware of the potential of decentralization, which allows for a more transparent, sustainable and efficient environment.

In the blockchain-backed token model, we have found the perfect balance for our members, as they can take advantage of the financial potential of a booming industry such as cryptocurrencies, without sacrificing guarantees

Our marketing model is based on direct and indirect recommendation, because we understand that the best marketing a company can aspire to is the satisfaction of its own users communicated in a professional way to their contacts.


Why are our products based on blockchain technology?


This technology optimizes certification processes and traceability for all types of transactions.


The blockchain applies cryptographic security mechanisms for accessing, signing and encrypting transactions, and storing them in blockchain form. This technology is at the forefront of cybersecurity and is starting to be used by many prestigious institutions

Cost reduction

The need for consensus between the two parties signing a transaction in the blockchain system makes it possible to do without an intermediary to authorize the transaction. This makes it possible to reduce costs and optimize processes.

Global and faster processes

With blockchain, there is no need for third-party verification because all the information needed to complete and verify the transaction is included in the ledger. That means that token transfers can occur almost instantaneously.

Smart Contracts

The use of blockchain technology to automatize payments and transfers based on a predetermined set of conditions among other uses.


Blockchain technology allows us to simplify the accessibility of our products, saving bureaucratic procedures and allowing the user to access crypto-assets at the click of a button.


DeFi, we make the Base of the Future our present

The term DeFi or Decentralized Finance is the evolution of the well-known FinTech that were born in the 20th century. Its objective is to offer a whole series of services, built on a decentralized infrastructure that allows the user to interact directly with the platform, leaving intermediaries behind.

Something that has finally been possible thanks to the emergence of blockchain technology. This is due to its ability to generate self-sustaining ecosystems without the need for a central entity to regulate them. All while maintaining the security, privacy and trust of the system.


Ever since the "wrapped" concept caused a stir in the industry, allowing bitcoin to be represented on the Ethereum network, the blockchain world has pursued token-to-to-token interaction, optimizing its options.

The private sale of the WBHF is the previous possibility to access all the advantages and guarantees of the BHF token, which acts as a backup, with a "wrapped" of utility for users and access to an industry about to enter in "momentum" such as Decentralized Finance.



Frequently Asked Questions

What do I get when I buy WBHF tokens?

I obtain private, supported, unregulated tokens, which give access to all WBHF utilities available within Powermine's platform.


1. Possibility of 1-to-1 BHF acquisition.

2. Possibility of acquiring TS.

3. Value exchange between users.

4. Exchange to BTC

5. Staking

6. DeFi MARKET (after the private sale)

In the launching:

I get public tokens from the DeFi ecosystem, adapted to the most efficient protocol at the time of launching.

What is the relationship between Powermine and B.H Mining Project?

GWE is a supplier to Powermine Evolution, a partner and promoter of the Blue Hill Mining Project, from which it acquired a large amount of BHF-Tokens through Swiss Asian Resources

What guarantees does the WBHF have?

Each WBHF token while being issued by Powermine Evolution, is supported by a BHF in a 100% transparent and auditable Ethereum collateral wallet

The BHF Token is the only way to access the Blue Hill Platform, which is where the backup of the B.H mining project is located. This backup is articulated through the Project's future security tokens, which can only be obtained on the Blue Hill Platform once the regulation is obtained.

These security tokens will be backed by the value of the corporate structure that owns the mining licenses of the dynamic portfolio. This means that each security token represents an amount of shares of the company that owns the licenses.

Why is the BHF and WBHF calculated at $1?

At this moment, the dynamic portfolio of B.H Mining Project, considering a conservative estimated value of its minerals, based on geological reports of only one of its mines (the others are not being counted for the moment until more concrete reports are available) has a value of between $140 and $280 million.

Considering that the number of tokens issued is 140 million, each token represents an estimated value of $1.

¿What is the Buy Back Plan?

The Buy back plan is the mechanism that consists of a buy back process by B.H Mining Project to the token holders, once the underlying value of $30 has been reached.

What is the staking strategy?

Staking is one of the WBHF utilities within the Powermine Evolution ecosystem. This strategy consists of a temporary blocking of a number of WBHF tokens, in exchange for a daily percentage reward in WBHF tokens.

What does the holding strategy consist of?

Holding's strategy consists of acquiring the Token Sample (TS) product representing a pack of 10 BHF at a price of $1, regardless of the price at which it trades on the secondary market, as it is based on the estimated value of the assets and not the value of the token itself.

This long-term strategy is also linked to the Staking strategy inside Powermine, as it allows it to be optimized.

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