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It is a human team that invests in crypto assets and distributes trend technology products, based on blockchain technology through a network marketing strategy.
What is a token?

One of the technological mechanisms that underlies most Powermine products. But what are blockchain tokens and why are they interesting to us? A token is a digital representation of a utility or value. These tokens take advantage of all the features of blockchain technology (transparency, incorruptibility, decentralization) to be able to host and transmit that value or utility in a simple and effective way.

Our Products: BHF Tokens

Token created by Blue Hill Mining Project, and purchased in a limited quantity by GWE for distribution through Powermine Evolution. It is a limited technology product that grants exclusive access to the Blue Hill Platform and therefore to future regulated BHM-Tokens and backed by a percentage of co-ownership of the company that owns the operating licenses of the Blue Hill Mines.

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Why Tokens?

Digital representation in blockchain format contributes to our products.

Powermine Evoltuion


This technology optimizes certification processes and traceability for all types of transactions.

Powermine Evoltuion


The blockchain uses cryptographic security mechanisms to access, sign and encrypt transactions, and their block storage in a chained way. This technology is at the forefront of cybersecurity and is beginning to be used by many of the prestigious institutions.

Powermine Evoltuion

Cost reduction

The need for consensus between the two parties that sign a transaction in the blockchain system makes it possible to dispense with an intermediary who authorizes the operation. This allows reducing intermediary costs by optimizing processes.

Powermine Evoltuion

Global and faster processes

With blockchain, there is no need for third party verification because all the information needed to complete and verify the transaction is included in the ledger. That means token transfers can happen almost instantly.

Powermine Evoltuion

Smart Contracts

The use of blockchain technology to automate payments and transfers based on a predetermined set of conditions among other uses.

Powermine Evoltuion


Blockchain technology allows us to simplify the accessibility of our products, saving bureaucracy and allowing the user to access crypto assets at the click of a button.


Our token packs



  • 359 total tokens

    359 tokens -
  • Price of the token $0,80



  • 1.588 total tokens

    1.449 tokens + 9.6% of extra tokens
    139 extra tokens
  • Price of the token $0,73



  • 8.672 total tokens

    7.263 tokens + 19.4% extra tokens
    1.409 extra tokens
  • Price of the token $0,67

Final Coutdown


  • 1.162 total tokens

    726 tokens + 60.1% extras tokens
    436 extras tokens
  • Price of the token $0,50

The Roadmap

Powermine Evolution History

March 2018

Analysis of the Blue Hill Minning project

November 2018

Closing of the partnership agreement between B.H. Minning Project and GWE

December 2018

GWE's acquisition of the first token package and start of stage 1 distribution in Powermine Evolution

March 2019

Acquisition of the second token package by GWE and start of stage 2 of distribution in Powermine Evolution

February 2020

GWE's acquisition of the third token package and start of stage 3 distribution in Powermine Evolution

August 2020

Generation of First version of token-BHF

October 2020

Generation of Second version of the token-BHF

November 2020

Delivery of the Token-BHF in the B.H. Platform

November 2020

Vote for the choice to list the BHF-token or the BHM token

January 2021

End of sales in powermine evolution and listing of the token


A set of unregulated BHF-Tokens, which grant exclusive access to the Blue Hill Platform and therefore to future BHM-Tokens backed by the co-ownership of the “Blue Hill Mines” mines through the Blue Hill Mining company.
GWE is the owner and manager of Powermine Evolution, developer partner of the Blue Hill Mining Project, from which it acquired a large number of BHF-Tokens through Swiss Asian Resources.
The issuance of BHM-Tokens will occur on the "Blue Hill PLatform" platform, which will only be accessible if you have BHF-Tokens. To acquire a Token-BHM a Token-BHF will be required.
GWE owns the BHF-tokens that contain the Powermine packages. GWE is a promoter partner and Blockchain advisor of the Blue Hill Mining project and acquired its BHF-Tokens via Swiss Asian Resources (initial owner of the total BHF-Tokens) at an early stage of the project so it can offer the advantages of Powermine packages to the entire Powermine Evolution network.
The Token-BHF can currently be purchased at an exclusive price, clearly specified in each of our packages, until the date it is listed in the market or until the end of the stocks of the number of tokens that GWE has allocated to Powermine Evolution of its owned BHF-Tokens. Once the token is publicly listed, the value will depend exclusively on the market. The value of the Token-BHM will depend on the value of its underlying assets, these will vary depending on the activity of the Blue Hill Mining company and the valuation of the mining licenses of its property.
When the value of the underlying assets of the BHM-Token reaches a maximum of $ 30 per token, it will detonate the buy back plan specified by Blue Hill Minning Project. The audits of the underlying value of the BHM-Token will start from Q4 2021, so the By Back plan can be detonated from 2022 onwards.